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Title: How to watch last night's Presidential Debate full video
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Update:  Here's how to watch the full Presidential Debate, now that the live stream is over. Below are links to all of the videos. ...
  • Update: Here's how to watch the full Presidential Debate, now that the live stream is over. Below are links to all of the videos.
Brace yourself for 15 consecutive months of presidential debates, which started with last night's Fox News and Facebook-hosted 2016 Republican Primary Debate.
You can still watch the back-and-forth video between Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and eight other top-tier candidates at this Presidential Debate. It originally aired at 9pm ET (6pm PT, 2am BST) on August 6.

This wasn't actually the first presidential debate you could watch online last night, though. There was also a second-tier debate happening, four hours beforehand, for seven candidates with lower poll numbers.
Both debates were live streamed, just in case you can't get to a television set in time for the verbal sparring. However, only the right credentials would let you watch it online in realtime initially.
Here's how you could watch the Fox News GOP debate, for future reference, and see the replay right now.

10 Presidential Debate video highlights

  1. Donald Trump open to the idea of a third-party run
  2. Trump combative on 'sexist' comments with Megyn Kelly
  3. Chris Christie, Rand Paul spar over NSA surveillance
  4. John Kasich on his support of gay marriage
  5. Kasich on how Trump is hitting a nerve in politics
  6. Jeb Bush on dynastic 'Bush' politics and 'brother's war'
  7. Marco Rubio: 'This election isn't a resume competition'
  8. Trump explains stance on illegal immigration, and so does Rubio
  9. Carly Fiorina jabs Clinton and Trump in same sentence (earlier debate)
  10. 7 minutes of closing arguments from the candidates

Watch the Presidential Debate full video

Fox News sent TechRadar its full debate video, so that it could be available to one and all, and offered it in both MP4 and Windows Media Video formats.
It's conveniently split the night into six parts, too, just in case you want to load it onto your 16GB iPhone 6 that's already run out of space, one-by-one.

How the Presidential Debate live stream worked

Fox News is known as America's conservative cable news channel, but the right aisle-leaning network is actually fairly progressive when it comes to online live streaming technology.
Eight years ago, Fox News began live streaming extra hours of programming, dubbed Strategy Room, with webcam-like quality and a makeshift table. Discussions were frank and unrushed.

2015 presidential debates

It has since morphed into mirroring the cable channel and contrasts with MSNBC and CNN, which are just getting their online programming acts together. MSNBC in particular has a smaller, buggier video player.
Of course, now that it's called Fox News Live and is a broadcast-level video service, it requires an authenticated cable subscription username and password. It's not unlike HBO Go. In fact, it uses the same username and password credentials you log in with to watch Game of Thrones.
The good news is that it currently supports 279 cable and satellite providers, including Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, Charter, Verizon Fios. Even Sony's PlayStation Vue is represented.
Fox News is fairly progressive when it comes to online live streaming technology.
Fox News has reliable, high-quality video player that live streams everything from the TV network to the website and also an app for iOS and Android. The web browser version even includes an hour-long buffer, so that you can rewind a program, even if you haven't started watching it yet.
While Facebook co-hosted this event, it was merely providing analytics, user questions and online reaction, not live streaming the debate through the social network. Sorry, cord cutters.

Presidential Debate time and schedule

Flipping through all of the cable news channels, it feels as if the Presidential Debate coverage has been going on forever, but the August 6 forum officially start time was 5pm ET (3pm PT, 10pm BST).
The live stream began with the seven candidates who haven't garnered enough attention in the national polls, but can get some air time and name recognition in front of an audience – albeit a smaller one.

2015 presidential debates

This first debate featured former HP executive Carly Fiorina, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, current Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, current South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, former New York Governor George Pataki and former Maryland Governor and late-comer Jim Gilmore.
Some have criticized this GOP debate structure because it marginalized key Republican Presidential candidates, like Jindal, a current governor and the first Indian American governor in the US, and Fiorina, the only female candidate running for the GOP nomination. Both are stood out, according to the channel's post-debate analysts.

The official "Primetime Debate" started at 9pm ET (6pm PT, 2am BST), and lasted the scheduled two hours, followed by an 11pm ET (8pm PT, 4am BST) online post-debate show to wrap things up.
This first debate was short, lasting just one hour, and is Fox News then hosted an online pre-show in between the two debates, which started at 6pm ET (3pm PT, 11 BST). It included highlights and analysis of the first debate, along with expectations of the what the channel is calling its "Primetime Debate."
The roster of ten (in order of current poll numbers) consisted of real estate mogul Donald Trump, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, current Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, surgeon Ben Carson, current Texas Senator Ted Cruz, current Florida Senator Marco Rubio, current Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and current Ohio governor John Kasich.
Hillary Clinton was mentioned so much last night, you'd think she was at the debate. However, her on-stage performance will have to wait, as you'll read in our next section.
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